Return of goods

    1. Withdrawal from Agreement and Return of Goods. Notice of Claims

      1. Under § 56 s 1 of the Estonian Law of Obligations Act (LOA) the Client may withdraw from the purchase agreement within 14 days as from the receipt of the ordered goods.

      2. The blank for withdrawal application is available at: The Client does not have to use the blank if the withdrawal is made in another written form clearly understandable and legally correct. Among other things, the Client must indicate the number of the order and bank account number for the repayment of the sums paid by the Client. The withdrawal application must be sent by the Client during the period stipulated in clause 5.1 to the email or postal address of Skinesthetic (see clause 1.1). By missing the deadline stipulated in clause 5.1 the Client will lose the right of withdrawal from the agreement.

      3. Upon withdrawal, the Client shall return the goods to Skinesthetic immediately but not later than 14 days as from making an application for withdrawal. The goods must be in a sealed original package and unopened. Under § 53 s 4 ss 41 of LOA the right of withdrawal shall not apply to such goods in sealed packaging which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery. If the goods are in a sealed package but otherwise damaged the Client shall be liable for the deterioration of the goods according to § 562 s 4 of LOA. The Client shall bear the costs of return of the goods (§ 562 s 3 of LOA), except in a case of withdrawal due to the defective goods (see clause 5.5).

      4. Upon withdrawal, Skinesthetic shall repay the sums paid by the Client within a period set forth by the law, provided the Client has returned the goods at the same time (§ 561 s 5). The sums to be returned shall be transferred to the bank account indicated on the withdrawal application or to any other bank account indicated by the Client.

      5. Under § 220 s 1 of LOA the Client shall notify Skinesthetic of any lack of conformity of the goods within two months after becoming aware of the lack of conformity. In a case of lack of conformity of the goods the Client may use all legal remedies set forth by the law and current terms and conditions, among other things, the Client may demand replacement of the goods, withdraw from the agreement or claim the compensation of caused damage. The Client must notify Skinesthetic of the nonconformity of the goods in a written form, indicating his/her name, contact information, description of the nonconformity (description of the defect, adding a photo) and the number of the order.

      6. Skinesthetic may withdraw from the agreement any time by notifying the Client and repaying the amounts paid by the Client, if the ordered goods are not available or if the delivery is hindered due to some other reason.

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